The DEI Council's work is organized into five working groups. Working groups were designed to monitor and support DEI efforts across campus. An overview of each working group is listed below. Working Groups meet outside of the general DEI Council meetings and report to the full Council body. Each Working Group has co-chairs who are responsible for convening and organizing the group's efforts. If you have questions about any of the working groups, please reach out to a working group co-chair. Information is listed on the Membership page.

Working groups

DEI strategic planning: Develop a template for diversity strategic plans for schools, colleges, and divisions and support s/c/d in developing goals, objectives, and strategies for achieving DEI in their units.

Communications: Ensure the visibility of DEI efforts across the campus, particularly between schools, colleges, and divisions. This group is charged with various ongoing tasks, such as website development, event planning (e.g., Juneteenth, annual conference), awards, and targeted communication to various internal and external stakeholders.

Hiring and retention of diverse employees: Continuing the work of the SJAC working groups on the hiring and retention of diverse faculty and the hiring and retention of diverse staff, focusing on identifying barriers and opportunities to enhance the diversity of our faculty and staff.

Metrics and evaluation: Develop and assess metrics and outcomes associated with DEI initiatives and changes over time. This might include advising schools, colleges, and divisions regarding metrics pertaining to hiring, student composition, retention, etc.

Student equity: Pursue opportunities to mitigate and eliminate barriers and challenges faced by students which stem from structural racism and other forms of bias and inequality. Work in collaboration with other working groups, as appropriate, to support and represent the needs of students.